History of KAGCI
Nov. 25. KAGCI foundation meeting; case-study presentation
Apr. 15. Case-study presentation for the proliferation of green campus
May. 13. Green campus declaration of university presidents; MOU exchanged among Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Minister Byungman Ahn), Ministry of Environment (Minister Manui Lee), Advisory Council of Presidents of KAGCI (Chairman Hanjung Kim) and KAGCI (President Euisoon Shin)
Mar. 31.
~ Sep. 29.
MEST policy research on "Green campus promotion plan for low carbon green growth in universities”
Nov. 25. Case-study presentation and general meeting
Nov. 30. Foundation of KAGCI corporation
Sep. 15.
~ Dec. 20.
ME policy research on "Developing practice programs for the
proliferation of green campus”
Present (Mar.) 39 member universities, 40 member campuses