Our Tasks
Doing research on how to promote and sustain the long-term visions of a green campus, laying the groundwork for expanding a green campus, developing university programs on how to reduce the usage of energy and greenhouse gas emissions, developing programs on how to train green leaders, and building and operating a cooperation network for the proliferation of the green campus.
Improving the environment of campuses, reforming curriculums, assessing campus environments, doing joint research on renewable energy and green technology, and conducting businesses with local communities.
Organizing a green campus committee in each member university in order to systematically carry out the green campus campaign and distributing green campus materials to support green campus activities.
Supporting members of various universities so that they can understand the concept of a green campus and participate in the activities through the advisory council of presidents, green campus exhibitions, energy conservation and environmental protection activities, and green leader training summer camps.
Conducting internationally-linked activities that will help local universities to cooperate with foreign universities and playing a leading role in actualizing love for the environment and living things, as well as sustainable development.