Chairman Greetings
Welcome to the Korean Association for
Green Campus Initiative (KAGCI)
As ‘the Low Carbon Green Growth’ has emerged as a new paradigm for a sustainable future, colleges and universities are obliged to preserve the environments of campuses and local communities, and to take a leading role in developing green technology and applying renewable energy. However, most of Korean colleges and universities had been
indifferent to these imperatives while quite a few overseas universities have actively participated in green campus activities in various ways.
KAGCI has initiated the green campus movements for domestic colleges and universities through case-study presentations and by publishing guidelines. The University Presidents’ Green Campus Proclamation of May 13th, 2009 has played a pivotal role in expanding the green campus campaigns and our membership includes 40 universities and colleges throughout the nation now.
We will strive to transform Korean colleges and universities into eco-friendly, energy-saving organizations by nurturing the green leaders and developing a standard evaluation index for green campus.
We look forward to your active involvement and warm support.
Thank you.
Chairman of KAGCI